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MakeMeUp – India's leading beauty platform bring to you it’s latest addition – School of Makeup. This is our initiative to provide expert training & education to aspiring makeup artists.

With an influential mark in the beauty space, we commit to quality education and ensure that every student has a happy and enjoyable experience while being challenged to achieve their absolute best.

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    Is to help individuals with interest, dedication & passion in the world of makeup build a career & profession out of it.

    The professional makeup courses we offer will enable students get a grasp on the minutest details of makeup and detailed curriculum will help one grow in the makeup industry. Makeup classes are going to be fun and full of hands-on training with our expert

    We strive to be the world leading makeup educational platform that transcends physical boundaries to birth the most skillful professional.

    The mission of MakeMeUp School of Makeup is to give individuals with an interest in the makeup profession, an opportunity to develop their technical and client skills and to identify their goals for working and being successful in the beauty industry.


The journey needs to see a GOAL, so here we are with the idea of launching MakeMeUp School of Makeup as an India's leading makeup education platform.

We don’t simply believe in teaching how to apply makeup, we are offering Multi-disciplinary education where students are deeply immersed in their coursework, very much like attending an academic college or university, complete with assignments, field trips, comprehensive textbooks & On-the job training.

We partner with recognized industry leaders to provide unique education and exposure to the students.

Our objective goes from the simple advanced course to the most elaborate courses.In order to gain a fuller knowledge about our courses and schedules, we request you to get in touch with us.

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